Welcome! We are delighted that you wish to choose Star of the Sea as the setting for your wedding. The information on this website is given as a helpful guide. However, the most important step is to make an appointment with our Pastor, Fr. Mike Quinn, to make sure that your wedding can validly and legally take place at Star of the Sea.

The next few months will be an opportunity for reflection as well as a time to grow in mutual love as you experience more deeply God's love and faithfulness. The parish community wants to serve you through their support and pray that you may grow in a fuller understanding of marriage as you anticipate your Wedding Day. Walking with you through the months ahead, please know that we share your joy and excitement

The Sacrament of Matrimony is administered by the Christian couple to each other with the priest serving as official witness for the Church. As your wedding celebration takes place within our faith community of Star of the Sea, we ask that you observe the Church's liturgical customs.


We welcome the opportunity to help you prepare for marriage. Couples are required to contact the Pastor of Star of the Sea at least six months before their intended date of Marriage.

This will be a period of preparation and consists of three parts.

At the first meeting the Pastor establishes freedom to marry and determines whether you will need non-Catholic dispensations.

Couples are required to participate in a Marriage Preparation Program. You may attend a Saturday for engaged Couples at Old St. Mary's Church in San Francisco or an Engaged Encounter Weekend. The Pastor will give you brochures concerning programs at your first meeting. There will be a second meeting with the Pastor followed by a third at which a Wedding Rehearsal will be scheduled.


Please contact the parish office at 415-332-1765 or


Marriage celebrates the unbreakable commitment between a man and a woman who must be legally free to make this decision in the Faith Community. There are certain documents required to establish your sacramental status within the Church. Couples must be free from any previous union.

Sworn statements are needed attesting to your clear understanding of the nature and responsibilities of Christian Marriage. Permission or dispensation is needed when a Catholic prepares to marry someone from another faith tradition, or a non-baptized person.

1.  Baptismal Certificate. A certificate issued within the last six months is required for those who are Catholic. For those baptized in another Christian faith, a copy of the original baptismal certificate is sufficient.

2.  Bride & Groom Form A - This is to determine the freedom and appropriate intentions of each party in preparation for marriage.

3.  Witness Form B - These are two documents signed by witnesses to the truth of Form A.

4. Letter from your Pastor - If you are not from this parish and are registered in another parish; a letter of permission from your Pastor is needed.

It is your responsibility to submit the four documents listed above to the parish office at least two weeks before your wedding date.

Civil License - The County registers all marriage records. Any questions you may have regarding the procurement of the Civil License should be addressed to the Registrars office. It is illegal for the ceremony to take place without a Civil License. Please bring the Civil License to your Wedding Rehearsal.


Once your deposit has been paid, please contact Mr. Robin Olive, Director of Music, at He will be happy to meet with you to help you choose appropriate music for your Wedding. Marriage is celebrated in the context of worship, any music must reflect the musical styles and sacred texts of the Catholic Church. Secular music is not permitted at a Wedding.

Occasionally couples request extra musicians, Star of the Sea does not enter into any financial arrangements with musicians and any arrangements made are the responsibility of the Bride & Groom. We are happy to recommend a singer if requested to do so.

Should you wish to have a friend or relative sing at your Wedding, this is permitted on the conditions that the person can read music, has sung in a large building before, and can attend a rehearsal with the organist. The fee for the organist is $250 and while not usually necessary any special rehearsals to meet requirements with singers/special music/musicians are charge for at $50 per hour after the first hour. Outside organists are only allowed on rare occasions. CD players and recorded music is not permitted. Please do not make arrangements for outside musicians to play at your Wedding without first gaining approval.

General Notes

1.  The Rehearsal will be conducted in a manner befitting the dignity of the occasion, as will the marriage itself. Remember that you are in Church. As Catholics we reverence the presence of God in a special way on the Altar.

2.  At the Rehearsal and on the Wedding Day no alcohol is to be brought onto the Church property.

3. When considering flowers please note that no flowers may be placed on the freestanding Altar and floral arrangements may not hide the ambo (pulpit). Decorations on the ends of the pews may be secured by plastic hookovers and ribbons only. Please note that nothing should be taped to walls or church furniture. Seasonal liturgical decorations and furniture arrangements cannot be changed. Your florist should contact the church office regarding any questions.

4.  Photographers may not enter the Sanctuary either before or after the ceremony unless the priest gives express permission. Flash may be used at the entrance and exit of the participants. Once the service starts photographers are asked to refrain from using flash, and should find a location in the church that suits them; and should remain there during the ceremony. There will be an opportunity to take photographs in front of the altar after the Ceremony. Please inform your guests to refrain from using flash during the ceremony.

5.  For safety reasons we regret that floor runners are not permitted.

6.  The use of balloons; throwing of confetti, rice or bird seed in or outside the church is strictly forbidden.

7.  Please assign someone to remove pew decorations and check for 'left items' after the Ceremony.

8.  Please be advised that all cars should be removed from the Church parking lot after the Wedding Ceremony.