Men's Club


Vision Statement


Make it happen with prayer, fellowship, work and laughter.


Mission Statement


St. Mary Star of the Sea Men's Club is dedicated to developing a closer bond of Christian

fellowship among our members, and enhancing the spiritual, service, and social life of our parish.


We Are:


Committed to Christ, our Church, our families and the community;

Generous in spirit and deed;

Willing to work and to have fun;

Open and welcoming to all men in the parish.


The Club:


Organizes, staffs and supports selected Parish events and fundraisers;

Funds and provides charitable services for the community;

Sponsors faith formation and education opportunities for the Club and Parish;

Provides an open and caring forum for members to share spiritual insights and personal

challenges and successes.


Our Prayer:

Come Holy Spirit, Enkindle our Parish, and hearten our community.

Help each of us grow in spirit; through the sharing of our gifts and talents.

In communion with each other, with the blessings of Christ's love.


"We typically meet on weekday evenings, refer to the parish calendar for more information.         

For further information, please call Bob Gebron at 331 9834."