The Society of Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic organization of men and women who seek, in a spirit of justice and charity; and by person to person involvement, help those who are suffering. Material or moral help is given and is adapted according to a clients particular needs.


Vincentians seek through prayer and the Church's teaching to bear witness to the love of Christ. We do not attempt to convert but foster the virtues of faith and charity.


The Society of Vincent de Paul had it's start from a chance remark. A 20 years old college student began the Society in Paris in 1833. A loyal Catholic had been defending the Church during a debate with fellow students when one of them asked the question, "What is your Church doing for the poor of Paris?"


As SVDP volunteers who meet with families, we can tell you that they help us provide an opportunity to talk about their lives, their despair and their dreams. We learn much when we listen: perhaps a young mother is having difficulty finding a job or childcare so that she can go to school. Someone else may not know where to turn for help to overcome an addiction, or to escape from an abusive partner. That's when we strive to give, along with food or a check, an encouraging word, prayer and helpful advice in the form of referrals and references. We try to plant the seed so that they can take the next step to better their situation.


SVDP's focus is to provide emergency assistance and our primary source of funds comes from the parishioners of Star of the Sea. On the first Sunday of each month - a second collection is taken in support of our work. Donations may also be sent to the church office. We thank you for your interest and support, and hope you will visit this page again as we post periodic news bulletins on our work.




A helping hand to the poor.

Many of us living in Marin County are so blessed with our families, our health, our work, this beautiful place we live in and our community at St. Mary Star of the Sea. Sometimes it may be difficult to remember that there are those among us who are not as fortunate. Through unforeseen circumstances there are those who are on the verge of being homeless, who don't have enough money for food, medication or the increased PG&E bill; who can't cover the cost of car repairs or the DMV registration because their hours at work were cut, or they lost their job, or can't find a job. Some have never had to face these issues before; it is hardest for them. A sense of desperation, loss, failure puts many into a deep depression. Anyone listening to the news is aware budget cuts that always seem to affect most the "least of our brethren".

The St. Vincent de Paul Society recently was the beneficiary of an extremely generous donation from one of our parishioners. We are so grateful to have this money because it means we can help more people. But the money is only part of it. We are also in need of compassionate parishioners who are willing to give their time and energy to help those less fortunate. If you would like to find out more about how to participate in this worthwhile endeavor; if you would like to receive much more than you give, please, come join us. Call our Hot Line: 465-0349