Pastoral Message



Around The Parish...


The success of our parish community is visible in many ways recently-

1) As mentioned before, some “gremlins” paid to have the bells repaired which had not worked for at least 7 years, I am told to announce our Masses and noontime “Angelus” daily. The sounds of the bells communicate the love of our founding brothers and sisters and those who have dedicated their resources and talent for our parish.

2) A BIG THANK YOU to all of the dedicated people who responded with a cleanup and improvement of our parish and rectory grounds! Under the competent direction of Mr. Mike Barsul of our parish who has his own landscape company, many of our members came together to clean our parish grounds and make them as beautiful as they could. Motivations varied, but two involved communicating pride and parish concern for our facilities for two upcoming events. - The marriage of Tom & Ginnie Hofmann’s daughter in early September (earning us all a note from Tom of everlasting gratitude and expressions of the same from Ginnie and Brother Isaiah) … Another motivation was to help communicate the strength of our community commitment to keeping our parish a vibrant part of Marin County’s Catholic presence as welcome priests and bishops of the Archdiocese to our facilities on September 13, 2017. The new ts and ground cover are great!!!

3) The Booth of this parish at the Sausalito Art Festival has more volunteers signed up earlier than at any time since I have been pastor. I credit this to the “Shrimpettes” (a moniker chosen by the Kates), as they have organized this year’s undertaking with an emphasis on promoting success while building community and having fun.

4) Several of you have purchased tickets for the raffle of a brand-new Lexus automobile to be selected from those buying a ticket to help fund the rebirth of St. Patrick’s Seminary. Every 100+ years, it helps to review and emplace best practices to help insure future generations of priests to server the faithful. The seminary provides many fundraising options with this goal in mind. (I hope a member of our parish wins…)

5) When I reported to you all that we have had a more dramatic decline in our collection than is normal, even considering summer vacations, there was a positive response on the day of the announcement. Thanks to those who reviewed and increased their giving. Hopefully, as we have just crossed the 40% mark of receipts of donations for the 2017 AAA, we can achieve that goal before December, when it is due. Sadly, we are reminded that we a minority of people are relied upon to support this parish. The parish has demonstrated its ability and willingness to provide if asked.

6) Even this past week, on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, we had more people in Mass than before-Way to Go!
I trust and draw strength from you as people of faith!

Fr. Mike


2017 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal