Pastoral Message



Are We Good And Faithful Servants?


This is elemental to our Christian way of thinking -that we put ourselves and our gifts and time at the disposal of others. Unfortunately, before we can ask if we are “good” or “faithful”, we must first ask “Do we have the mindset of helping others?” or Do we realize that all of our successes and gifts are exactly that- gifts?” Moreover, do we realize that we will be judged on how we used those gifts! We will be judged on how we used all our gifts and God already knows our limitations. Thus, do we have a servant mentality that responds from the heart to situations we encounter, or do we fund – out of our excess- some “Guilt” payments to others?


In a homily in Vatican City on July 5, 2014, Pope Francis describes this commitment:
“… that because the Church serves the Lord it is also a people that “experiences his freedom and lives in this freedom that he gives,” adding that “the Lord always gives true freedom.”

“First of all the freedom from sin, from selfishness in all its forms: the freedom to give of oneself and to do so with joy” as well as to “to adore God, to serve God and to serve him even in our brothers and sisters,” he went on.

“Then the Lord frees us from ambition and rivalry, which undermine unity and communion. He frees us from distrust, sadness – look, this sadness is dangerous because it casts us down. It casts us down. It’s dangerous. Be careful.”
Observing how there is often “no shortage of negative attitudes that make people self-referential, more concerned with defending themselves than with giving of themselves” in our own communities, the Pope assured that Christ frees us from all of this.

“For this reason, we disciples of the Lord, though still always weak and sinners – we are all so – still weak and sinners, we are called to live our faith with joy and courage.”

We are also called to live our faith in “communion with God and with our brothers, adoration of God,” he went on, “and to face with strength the labors and trials of life.”

I have been guilty of times where my career and worldly measures of success dominated my life and decision- making before I responded to the vocational call for priesthood. I see the same servant mentality in proud parents and in single people who never ask for praise or recognition but are satisfied that they helped another. Before we start measuring “good”, we must develop a servant’s heart.


Fr. Mike