Pastoral Message



Around The Parish...


The Men’s Club set new standards of quality and attendance at our Mothers’ Day Brunch last weekend. The food was outstanding and the service better as anyone walking into the parish hall was greeted warmly, led to a table with comfortable chairs, (the first debut of our new hall chairs for the entire parish) for a feast as we celebrated Mother’s Day! Each special guest was given a wonderful flower in a vase and the great food was only exceeded by the great service!


The Committee working on the capital project to replace our stained glass before pieces start popping out and we have winter water intrusion is planning a debut of the planned undertaking this summer. The parish group went to the effort to request more than just a bid, but rather a presentation so that there could be parishioner input. The cost of addressing the failing 60-year-old windows so that they can last another 80-100 years with maintenance will perhaps be the most lasting project of our generations. WE plan to raise funds for the windows once the plan is set.


Even though the season of Summer and vacations are at hand, we are planning on bringing back the Cup at Holy Communion when our next schedule is produced, (June 2018). I am making a personal appeal for anyone interested in being an “Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist”, (“EME”); or a lector for all Mass times as we have openings. The wonderful Lectors and EMEs we have need a break occasionally, so all interested individuals are encouraged to contact either myself or Laura Rapp or Mimi Reich.


This Sunday, we are pleased to host an 11:30 AM Mass for the Portuguese community and the many guest and parishioners we have as we celebrate the “FESTA of the Holy Spirit.” This both celebrates the Feast of Pentecost and the generosity of Queen Isabella in looking after the poor – a perfect complement to this Sunday’s Gospel message to go forth and proclaim the Good News!


SAVE THE DATE!! The Men’s Club will be hosting food and beverage for a “Blues by the Bay” event, this coming June 22, 2018 (A Friday). The City of Sausalito permits not- for profit organizations to host the food and beverage for the weekly concerts in Gabrielson Park. Please consider helping or at least enjoying this event by attending it on the evening of June 22nd.


Kudos to our new parishioners and present parishioners! We have had a busy schedule of baptisms and weddings this Spring which I hope will continue through Summer and into the Fall.


Fr. Mike


The Holy Spirit


We ought to pray to and invoke the Holy Spirit, for each one of us greatly needs His protection and His help. The more a man is deficient in wisdom, weak in strength, borne down with trouble, prone to sin, so ought he the more to fly to Him who is the never-ceasing fount of light, strength, consolation, and holiness. And chiefly that first requisite of man, the forgiveness of sins, must be sought for from Him: "It is the special character of the Holy Ghost that He is the Gift of the Father and the Son. Now the remission of all sins is given by the Holy Ghost as by the Gift of God. " Concerning this Spirit the words of the Liturgy are very explicit: "For He is the remission of all sins." How He should be invoked is clearly taught by the Church: "Come, Father of the poor! Come, Giver of gifts! Come, Light of our hearts! O best of Consolers, sweet Guest of the soul, our refreshment!" She earnestly implores Him to wash, heal, water our minds and hearts, and to give to us who trust in Him "the merit of virtue, the acquirement of salvation, and joy everlasting."

— from Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on the Holy Spirit, 9 May 1897, Section 11