The Eucharist - Catholic Mass - Liturgy

The Acts of the Apostles tells us that the first Christians met on the Lord's Day for the proclamation of the Lord and the Breaking of Bread: i.e. they met for Eucharist or The Mass.


'Liturgy' - Work of the People.In the vernacular of the Church they celebrated the sacred liturgy. The word 'liturgy' means "The work of the people" and there is no greater work of God's people than celebrating Eucharist.


In the Eucharist or Mass, the people gather or assemble (Church) to give glory to God.


To thank Him for His blessings, to obtain pardon for their sins, and to beg His continued grace and mercy; also to keep in mind our Savior's passion and death for our salvation. In doing this we become one eucharistic community ever grateful to a gracious God.


At each Mass the whole Church is present because it is Christ the head of the Church who draws us all into His Body,to be a pleasing and acceptable people of God. "Do this in memory of Me"


CommunicantSince Mass is 'liturgy' or the work of the people it anticipates and instructs each member invited and assembled, to come with a lively faith eager to make a unique contribution to the worship of the whole. The Church instructs us to be active participants at the Eucharistic Celebration. We are instructed to be present with attention, devotion; and in love and gratitude to God. We are nourished by the presence of God in Word, Sacrament and by the faith of our fellow worshippers. We are commissioned to go in peace to love and serve the Lord in our individual vocation or calling.


The Mass is God's invitation to come to be present to Him so He can be present to us; and so we can be present to one another in His name and in His power. Then He sends us out to be His presence in the world.


How awesome is this privilege and calling!!!