Ministry of Lectors

Lloyd Dulbecco - Head of the Lectors MinistryWhen the Scriptures are read to the Faith Community in Church God himself is speaking to His people. The readings of God's word are listened to with all reverence and make up a principle element of the Liturgy. Lectors make a commitment to serve in this important Ministry and have a number of roles to play.


Like all ministers they prepare in advance, making sure that they understand the readings, and pronunciations; because God's word addresses all peoples of every era and must be understandable to them.


Prior to the start of Mass the Lector goes to the ambo and announces the Intention of the Mass and then makes his or her way to the back of the church ready for the Mass to begin. In the opening hymn the Lector walks in front of the celebrant, holding the books of Gospels aloft. As the procession nears the altar the Lector bows and places the Book of Gospels upon the altar and then takes his place in the congregation.


At the appointed time the Lector proceeds to the ambo and reads in a clear voice from the Old Testament. The Liturgy of the Word is celebrated in such a way as to promote meditation. For this reason, any kind of haste is avoided. After a brief pause the Psalm follows; which in the absence of a Cantor or Choir may also be read by the Lector. After the Psalm, the Lector returns to the ambo and reads from the New Testament - and again pauses before announcing, "This is the Word of the Lord." To which the congregation replies enthusiastically, - "Thanks be to God."


After the Creed (Profession of Faith) the Lector returns to the ambo and follows the celebrant in leading the Faith Community in the Intercessions for the day which gather together, the theme of the day, and the Church's concerns locally and worldwide.


After the Post Communion Prayer the Lector returns to the ambo and reads any community announcements.


If you have a clear speaking voice and would like to receive brief training for this Ministry, please contact the church office at (415) 332 1765.

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