Landings is a Ministry of lay people within the parish community dedicated to helping Catholics who want to return to the Church; but are not sure how to do so.


It was created by a Paulist priest, Fr. Jac Campbell almost 15 years ago. Since that time it has been adopted by over 85 dioceses and 1000 parishes in the United States. It has proved the gateway by which over 300,000 Catholics have returned to the Church.


Landings employs a simple, low key format where a group of 8 parishioners meet weekly for two hours with 2 or 3 returning Catholics over an 8 week period. The agendas for the meetings are carefully structured to provide a forum for caring and healing within the context of "compassionate listening". Welcoming members are not there to teach, fix, or in anyway sit in judgement on another. Those who feel comfortable returning to the Church discover that they are just as loved by God as the rest of us.


This is an entirely voluntary program and is not a requirement for returning to the Church. It is a safe harbor for those Catholics returning to the Church. If you would like more information about the Landings program at Star of the Sea; or have a friend or family member who has expressed interest, we ask you to please contact the office at (415) 332 1765.