Hospitality Ministry



Star of the Sea prides itself on being a friendly and inviting Church. Ministry comes from the Latin word ministerium which means service.


The Ministry of Hospitality is not an optional one, but a vital one. In a society filled with rational and irrational fear, God calls us to embrace the stranger and to recognize the presence of Christ in the one who is unknown.


Ushers and greeters are ministers of hospitality who play a key role in the living Body of Christ; as the first contact parishioners or visitors have when they come to Star of the Sea. How they welcome newcomers or longtime parishioners makes a world of difference in how people prepare for the liturgy. We are all members of the family of God, but at the same time we are all guests of God responding to the direct invitation from His Son our Lord Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit.


Our Hospitality Team not only welcomes people and hands out service sheets, but will also help people to a seat; in addition they collect the communities gifts and arrange the procession at the offertory; reflecting at all times that we are 'Home'.


Our "Coffee Crew" is also part of our Hospitality Ministry and arrives early to prepare the light refreshments that are ready for worshippers after Mass. This is an important time when the community can share and meet together and all visitors are encouraged to give us the opportunity to meet them and get to know their names.


To visitors we offer a warm welcome; and there is always an open invitation to join us on a deeper level by becoming a formal member of the Faith Community at Star of the Sea. However, having said that, we want you to feel at ease - we do not try and corner people and engage in a 'hard sell technique' to gain membership of our Community or Ministries. While we encourage people, we leave the 'hard sell' job to the Holy Spirit.


After Mass members of the Hospitality Team take care of a little housekeeping by collecting up discarded service sheets and checking the church for any 'left belongings'. We are always happy to hear from people who wish to be a part of this heart-warming and important Ministry. Anyone interested is asked to either speak to someone on duty in

in hospitality or to call the church office.