Pray & Study the Gospel - 'Lectio Divina'



Each Monday morning following the 8.30 a.m. Mass about 15 parishioners meet in the Chapel and prayerfully pray and study the Gospel of the following Sunday.


Through prayer to the Holy Spirit a serious study is made of the Gospel. New insights are gained and a new knowledge of God is received.


Shared insights allow us to see what we thought as old in a new and richer way. The power to help others discover the old familiar sources in a fresh and richer way is certainly a gift granted to all who seek the truth as revealed by God in the scriptures.


All are welcome, and each bring the discernment of the Holy Spirit to a faithful group. We invite you to join us for an hour of discernment and discovery.


The Gospel comes alive so that we seem to be hearing or reading them for the first time. In discovery we also have fun!